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 that make a difference in our service to you

We take our profession very seriously,
the safety of you and your guests are our #1 priority!

As unpleasant as it is to talk about, accidents and emergency situations are not completely preventable or unavoidable. First Aid knowledge is invaluable. Our event management team are all First Aid, CPR, and AED certified. It enables us to assist persons who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency situation until help arrives.

Even though a TIPS/ATAP certification is not compulsory as par state laws, having a trained event manager on hand at your event who understands the New York ABC rules

#1. Helps to reduce litigation,
#2. Helps to identify minors,
#3. Helps to prevent secondary party sell,
#4. Helps to know how to inspect IDs and how to spot the fake ID,
#5. Helps to prevent and handle any disturbances that may arise, 
#6. Helps prevent alcohol intoxication, and

#7. Most importantly helps the preservation of safety and health of your guests.

The HACCP Food Safety Certification governs many food products consumed by the public, including, but not limited to beverages, produce, seafood, meat and poultry.
In addition to the HACCP system provides guidelines designed to establish food safety regulations. Having a HACCP certified event manager on site at your event means having a profesional oversee and analyze:

#1. Hygiene practiced by any food establishment/services being provided for your event.
#2.  The overall cleanliness of a facility and its grounds.
#3.  Employed pest control measures taken by the facilities where your event will be held.
#4.  Safety, efficiency, cleanliness and upkeep of equipment used to prepare and/or process food
#5. How safely are food products being secured for your event and
#6. How well food and beverages are being maintained during service.

#7. Any allergy associated risks.

Having a certified event manager on site can prevent mistakes that can have an adverse impact on your guests.